Loft Conversions

A loft conversion not only provides greater living space but it adds value to your property if and when you come to sell. Where possible we will arrange viewings in similar types of loft conversion to your proposed project, giving you an idea of what is possible and providing the opportunity to speak to previous customers. If you would like more information, please give us a call to discuss.

Dormer Loft

Dormer loft conversions, also known as dormer loft extensions, can be constructed at the rear, side or front of the roof slope of a property. It is a popular type of loft conversion, as it maximises the floor space and creates excellent floor-to-ceiling height. It also allows a significant amount of natural light to flood the interior. This style allows for more flexibility as every inch of space can be utilised by our designers to create your ideal loft room(s).

Hip to Gable Loft

The majority of end of terraces; semi-detached and detached houses have traditionally been built with a ‘Hipped’ style roof. This is where the roof slopes in at the side and will restrict the loft space. By changing the slope of the roof from a hip to gable end, where the wall is built up vertically, we are able to extend the roof across to its full width and with the addition of a rear dormer, the loft space is fully extended.

Mansard Loft

If you want to create as much space in your loft as possible, a Mansard loft conversion could be the answer. This type of extension — also known as a Mansard roof conversion — is similar to a box dormer but more traditional in its construction. In effect it provides your home with an extra storey, giving valuable additional living space. A Mansard also features small leaded dormer windows.

Installing Mansard loft conversions means your loft will have a flat roof, with the back wall tilting inwards at a 72-degree angle. This design offers greater head height than some other styles of extension. A Mansard roof loft conversion is suitable for many different property styles, which can include terraced homes as well as semi-detached and detached buildings. It can be finished off with brickwork or slate to match the exterior style of your house. In situations where it is possible to build a full roof extension, a front and rear Mansard is frequently used.

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