Project Description

A New Lease of Life

LONDON | Devonshire Road, Colliers Wood

On this project, our client was quick to get us involved in the modification of their house. The previous owner was an elderly woman and the interior layout and décor reflected this. To achieve our customer’s vision, Making Rooms was contracted to modernise the layout and extend the three-bedroom – end of terrace ­­– property into a larger, more family-focused space.

It would require the addition of a dormer loft conversion and a rear extension with a lean-to pitched roof.

The project included a complete re-wire of the property and the installation of a new central heating and Megaflo system (a cylinder for the storage of hot water).

Making Rooms is used to time pressures but on this particular project there was no margin for delay. Our client had to move in by a specific date and despite a tight deadline, our team delivered on time. The project produced a spacious home with a stunning loft bedroom and a modern en suite. This top floor features bespoke fitted wardrobes within the slope of the roof, reserving the full head-height section for living.

Meanwhile, the ground floor has been transformed with the addition of the rear extension, finished with eye-catching aluminium bi-folding doors, supported by a steel box frame that leads out to the garden. The result is a large open plan kitchen next to dining and living spaces, with a convenient utility room off to the side for the storage of the boiler Megaflo system and a washing machine.